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Whilst the site may have a large UK bias when it comes to the betting sites and offers that we feature, our outlook on sport is very much global in nature. In this section you'll find a run down of what the biggest events are in each country alongside links to our coverage of those events.


United Kingdom

The UK hosts just about every sport going thanks to the nation’s love of chasing, hitting or potting balls, and watching animals run very fast. Even relatively niche sports from the US, Europe and beyond are played at some level but when it comes to the likes of football, horse racing, tennis, golf and snooker, we really are spoiled for choice.

Football fans have two of the greatest leagues in the world plus the oldest club cup competition, whilst horse racing fans have action almost 365 days a year, with Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, the Grand National and the five Classics just some of the highlights.

The Open and Wimbledon serve up one each of golf and tennis’s four majors, whilst in darts there is not one but two world championship tournaments to enjoy. Snooker’s biggest three events are all UK regulars whilst motorsports fans get an iconic Grand Prix, and those that love rugby have the Six Nations plus countless club games every year.


The Irish love betting and they love sport and as well as traditional Irish/Gaelic sports such as hurling and Gaelic football, a whole host of other major events are held on the Emerald Isle. Horse racing is probably the top sport for many and in terms of the success Ireland has with its horses and the ability of its jockeys and trainers it certainly overachieves to a huge extent. There are countless huge races held throughout the year in Ireland and some bucket-list Festivals too.

It doesn’t have quite the same success in other sports but for a country with a small population Ireland also punches above its weight in boxing and rugby, whilst at times the national football team has also enjoyed some memorable results.

With Ireland home to some stunning golf courses – all that rain helps – it is no real surprise that Ireland is also an important golf destination. Cricket is also on the rise so all in all Ireland is home to lots of major sporting events, all served with a pint or two of Guinness of course.

North America


The USA does most things in three sizes: large, extra large and XXL; and when it comes to sports they don’t disappoint. America is a nation that loves sport. US residents love to play a huge range of sports but, as with Brits, many more just can’t get enough of watching the action unfold, be that on TV from the comfort of their own home or live and direct. Despite still-stringent laws on gambling, many in the States are also rather partial to a wager on the odd ball game too and the hardest part of all this may well be deciding which game, sport or match you want to enjoy.

The US has its core sports, the traditional games that are played predominantly only in the US and/or other parts of North America. These are the sports the average UK punter considers to be “American sports” and indeed are listed as such by many betting sites. American football (football to Americans), basketball, baseball and ice hockey (typically referred to as just hockey) lead the way.

It is worth noting that in these sports, many outside the States may only be familiar with, or certainly have any interest in, the highest tier of the pro game, for example the NFL or NBA. However, in the US many fans are hugely passionate about college sports and these high class affairs attract huge crowds and can be very lucrative for organisers. In addition there are so-called “minor” leagues in some sports which are professional and can also attract thousands of fans.

On top of all that the US hosts three of the four majors in golf, one of the tennis Grand Slams and many other top level events, the majority of the biggest events in boxing and an F1 race as well. Throw in huge horse races such as the Breeders’ Cup contests and the Kentucky Derby and sports fans are sure kept busy Stateside!


Canada is cold and many of its biggest sports are based around the weather that much of the country has for many long, hard, cold months of the year. Hockey, by which Canadians always mean ice hockey, is by far the leading sport and is a real national obsession. But there is much more to the Great White North than hockey and other snow and ice-based events.

Canada is home to the third-oldest continuously running event in golf, it hosts important tennis tournaments (second in stature only to the four Grand Slams), and it also sees regular fixtures in a huge range of sports including horse racing, basketball, Canadian football, baseball and soccer. Throw in a Formula 1 Grand Prix every year and Canadian sports fans have plenty of choice, as well as some genuinely world class sporting events to savour.

Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where falconry and camel racing have been the traditional sports and until recently there was little interest in anything other than football. That has changed in recent times though. And whether you call it “sportswashing”, modernisation or economic diversification, the Arab Kingdom has and will continue to host a range of events including motorsports, European Tour golf, top level Italian and Spanish football, world class boxing, international tennis, WWE and much more.



Australians love sport. They love playing it, watching it and many love a bet on it, and when it comes to brilliant sporting events they really are spoiled for choice. Aussies can usually take to any sport and they play and host world class events in a whole range of different sports.

They have their core sports, chiefly Australian rules football (footy to locals), rugby league (also footy or football, though sometimes league, somewhat confusingly!), rugby union (also sometimes footy… or rugby… or union) and cricket (thankfully just called cricket!). But they also host massive sporting occasions in golf, tennis, F1, horse racing and a range of other sports too.

The domestic leagues in the four most popular sports draw big crowds, whilst aside from Aussie rules, the other three also see plenty of big international action. With football (that’s soccer of course!) also growing in popularity, Australia is home to almost endless matches and tournaments with plenty for fans to enjoy.

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