Best Odds Guaranteed Explained

Many of the biggest and best bookies in the business now offer Best Odds Guaranteed on UK and Irish horse races, and this simple offer can help boost your profits with no effort on your part. It is a very simple – and potentially lucrative – offer to punters: simply take the odds when you place your bet on a particular horse and if its starting price drifts to longer odds and it goes on to win, the bookie will pay you out at the higher odds.

The specific races covered by Best Odds Guaranteed varies slightly from one bookmaker to the next, but most of the big boys offer it on all daily UK and Irish horse races. Previously only selected races were given the BOG treatment, so now all races are covered with most bookies you can rest assured you will always get the best value odds when you take the price when you place the bet.

In the past it was always something of a conundrum whether to take a horse’s price as you might be selling yourself short if they did drift and win, but of course the odds could be backed in and if you had left it to the starting price you’d be kicking yourself. Best Odds Guaranteed means you don’t have to worry. If the odds shorten, it doesn’t matter as you’ll have taken the price at the time of betting; if the odds go out, even better (if your selection wins) as you’ll get paid out at the higher odds.

Just to clarify how BOG works, imagine you back Sprinter Sacre at odds of 2/1 and you take those odds (which you must, of course, remember to do, rather than ticking the SP or Starting Price option if available), and then there is a rumour he’s not been training well and the market reacts accordingly with the odds drifting to 3/1. Of course, the rumours are nonsense and Sprinter Sacre goes on to win at a canter, but you still get paid out at the longer odds of 3/1.

Easy, generous, hassle free and fairer than fair, if you’re placing horse racing bets, make sure your chosen bookmaker offers BOG because if they don’t you are potentially throwing away money and if you have enough that you can afford to throw it away, why are you gambling in the first place? And more to the point, please can I have some?! Best Odds Guaranteed is a brilliant promotion and takes the worry out of whether to take the price or not and also gives you one extra edge over the bookies – and let’s face it, we all need as much help as we can get in this game!

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